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Founded - 1991

About Issa International, Ltd.

Ministry in Ecuador among pastors

Who We Are

Issa (the Arabic word for 'Jesus') International, Ltd. is a 501c3 non-profit mission organization, incorporated in the state of Georgia in 1991.  The board of directors sensed the Lord leading them to form a sending agency for the specific purpose of reaching those parts of the world that have not heard the gospel.  Our format has been to take 5 -6 short-term mission trips each year.  We initially started working in the former Soviet Union where communism had left a spiritual vacuum.  We had already started going back to Tanzania, East Africa, where Sid had lived with his family as missionaries for four years.  Since that time we have expanded work into Ukraine, Tanzania, Russia, and Cuba and Ecuador.  

Our strategy is to take several trips per year with the purpose of evangelizing and teaching.  We first establish a core of new believers, then train the leadership to take over the shepherding of the flock.  We do not import denominationalism to other countries.  We are careful to present the gospel only, and not man's traditions.  We then endeavor to disciple the new believers by involving them in ongoing Bible studies with the goal of them functioning as the church.  We use training seminars to help establish the church in a particular location, leaving behind leaders who, with the Holy Spirit will be able to carry on the work of ministry.  We have local leaders who have been equipped to meet on a regular basis with the churches and their leaders for continuous training.

Meet our Board of Directors

‚Äč                Bob Dixon ~ Joseph Fowler ~ Kenneth Guy  

      Darrell Martin, M.D. ~  Blake Martin ~ Don Screws

                      Sid Stansell ~ Butch Wallace

....Getting the Gospel to those who have not heard

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