Brief Timeline – Sid Stansell

1963 - Accepted Christ (Very best decision of my life)

1973 - married Deborah Jeans (Second best thing I ever did!)

1976 - graduate of University of Georgia – Animal Science & Economics

1976 - daughter born (Audrey)

1978 – son born (Micah)

1976-1981 - Mechanical contracting business (grew from one to eighty employees)

1981-1982 - Southwestern Seminary – Mission Theology

1982-1984 - Internship (U.G.A.)

1984-1988 - Missionaries to Shinyanga, Tanzania – started 17 churches in remote villages, trained leaders

1989-present - working with Issa International, Ltd. (non profit 501c3).  Starting churches and training pastors in Tanzania (have started 36 churches as of 2015) , Ukraine (1991-2001 - started 9 churches), Cuba (have started 58 churches as of 2015), Ecuador (have assisted in starting 28 churches as of 2015).  I have led leadership training seminars in Suriname and the Replublic of Georgia as well.  Issa (the Arabic word for 'Jesus') International, Ltd.  The specific purpose is to reach those parts of the world that have not heard the gospel (Romans 15:20).  The format has been to take 5 -6 short-term mission trips each year.  The strategy is to take several trips per year with the purpose of evangelizing and teaching.  I first establish a core of new believers, then train the leadership to take over the shepherding of the flock.  From the nationals' standpoint, by coming in for a short term, I have their undivided attention for the entire time.  The volunteers who go with me and I present somewhat of a novelty to them, a break from the routine, without becoming part of the mundane (waiting in lines for supplies, traveling to other countries to get fuel, medicines and medical care, etc.).  I do not import to other countries denominationalism.  I am careful to present the gospel only, and not man's traditions.  I then endeavor to disciple the new believers by involving them in ongoing Bible studies with the goal of them functioning as the church.  I use volunteers in the evangelistic efforts and training seminars to help establish the church in a particular location, leaving behind leaders who, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will be able to carry on the work of ministry.

2004 - 2015 - Six grandkids (Elijah, Levi, Vivian, Ezra, Corabelle, Ellsworth)